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Spraying cabinets for general insects

Spraying cabinets for general insects in Charleston, SC

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Charleson Pest Control Pros is Charleston’s trusted residential pest control service provider. Call us today to get in touch with a bug specialist who can help you through the daunting task of hiring an exterminator.

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Preventing Mice From Spreading

Our professional exterminator squad can prevent mice in your home.

It is our mission to provide Charleston residents with the pest control that they require. Our mission is to provide quality exterminator services at a cost that homeowners can afford. You should not have to be emptying out your wallet left and right simply to prevent bugs in your home.

That is why we have come up with our affordable pricing structure. We can accommodate and assist you with your issue even if you cannot afford it right away. Call us now to see what we can do for you and for how much. It is our mission to provide you with affordable services that will still remain effective and control the bugs.

What do we prevent?:

  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants & Fire Ants
  • Mice
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquitos
  • Bees, wasps, and hornets
  • Cockroaches

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Termite Control & Removal

We control the two types of main termites that are seen in South Carolina: Subterranean termites and drywood termites. If you are having trouble with termites on your property in Charleston, SC, you can trust the Charleston Pest Control Pros to help you out today.

Charleston Termite Control

Mice Control & Removal

Charleston Pest Control Pros is Charleston’s trusted mice control exterminator. You can put your faith in this company because they have been around for decades removing mice, voles, and other small rodents from homes. If you have any questions about the Mice Control service you can visit our services page on mice.

Charleston Mice Control

Ant Control & Removal

Have ants invaded your home? Are you seeing these little things scurrying around your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and elsewhere inside of your home? We know exactly what you mean. Those little critters can end up anywhere. It is our mission to prevent ants from crawling around and spreading through your entire household. Trust Charleston Pest Control Pros with your ant control issue. To read more about ants and ant control visit our web page on ants:

Charleston Ant & Fire Ant Control

Bed Bug Exterminators

Concerned about bed bugs in your home or apartment? Are you nervous that you have a bed bug epidemic in your home? Well this is definitely that you should be concerned about because bed bugs spread very quickly! You do not want to leave any traces of these fellas around because they will keep coming back! You need to call a professional exterminator who can remove all traces of bed bugs from your home or apartment. As cute as they may sound, bed bugs are actually pretty hazardous to your health, so it’s important that you get them taken care of promptly.

Charleston Bed Bug Exterminator

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Charleston Pest Control Pros is a fine service provider of bee and wasp removal services. Are you having a problem with bees or wasps in your home? This is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. We can assure you that we have the tools and products that will help take care of and neutralize any situation that is related to bees or wasps. You don’t want to let it go too long and have someone in your family or friends get hurt by a bee sting or a wasp sting. We are able to discuss all potential treatment plans with our customers so that you can make the right decision for bee removal.

Charleston Bee & Wasp Removal

Mosquito Control Experts

Unfortunately, there is a bit more that goes in to mosquito control than simply swatting them as they land on our skin. Mosquitos could invade your home and become a real threat to the well being of your household. That is why we refer to our service as ‘mosquito control’ because we are trying to control them instead of remove them.

Charleston Mosquito Control

The Dangers Pests Pose & Signs They are in Your Home

You might think that pests like ants, mice, bed bugs, bees, wasps, or mosquitos are nothing more than a nuisance. But these creatures can be more than a nuisance, and you need to make sure you call pest control professionals if you notice any of these pests in your home. There are numerous health issues that you should consider, and you should also learn a few signs of trouble just in case.

Health Dangers Posed by Pests

Some pests are more dangerous than others. For one, ants can bite pretty hard if you let them. Bites from ants usually do not pose too much danger, but it can be painful. Bed bugs bite, too, and most health experts consider them harmless. Yes, they usually leave a mark, and some people might have a hard time getting rid of the scars. But there are some people who actually have allergic reactions to their bites.

The droppings and urine of mice can actually transmit lymphocytic choriomeningitis infection. This infection resembles many other problems, but the symptoms include fever, headaches, or lack of appetite. Bees and wasps can sting very hard, not to mention the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Mosquitos are dangerous as well. Their bite is usually itchy, but these insects feed on many people and could carry infections from person to person. Some of the infections are Chikungunya or the West Nile virus. Both of these have not been reported too often in the United States, but they are still very possible.

Signs of a Problem

It is of the utmost importance that you learn how to tell when you have a problem. Calling exterminators before the issue gets any worse should be your priority. One of the easiest things to look for is exoskeletons of any of the insects like ants, bed bugs, or mosquitos. You can also look for bee or wasp nests around your home. Mice usually leave urine or droppings, and you may hear them run between the walls at night.

Bed bugs hide in the fold of your mattress, so keep a good eye on those areas. These types of bugs also have a sweet yet musty odor, so watch out for this kind of odor. Mice smell a little like urine, which is one way that you can tell that there might be one or more in your home. Mosquitoes are easy to hear when they are flying around, but it is always a good idea to make sure you keep doors closed and have proper screens to make sure they do not come in.

Hopefully these suggestions help keep your home pest-free and your home healthy. But understand that pests are definitely more than a mere nuisance, so do not hesitate to call pest control specialist as soon as you can.